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Weekly Maintenance Updates [22.03.21]

[] Maintenance & Server Hotfixes

[!] Fixed Gremory Case issue when withdrawing items from Personal Store [!] Fixed selection of Talismans use with Item Level Upgrade mix [!] Fixed Errtels purchase from shops [!] Fixed Game Server random crashes

[20.3.21 - 22.3.21] Minor updates

- RuudShop BK Shields (Exc Options fixed) - /reset from 400 level (No WCoin Reward! Reset from website and you get Rewarded.) - Jewel of Kondar Drop from God of Darkness and Knicks now! - Removed Awakening sets from Selupan - Removed All Seeds and Seed Sphere + Dark Horse & Dark Raven from (x) Shop - Fixed errtels (upgrade level to 10) - Mysterious Stone Rate fixed for adding Item Options

Best Regards,
MuG4L Staff Team