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Weekly Maintenance Updates [19.4.21]

[ -] Maintenance Updates [14:00 - 16:00 / 2PM to 4PM CET]

[Server Files Developer's Updates]
[!] Added all wing type chaos mix luck rate configs [!]  Fixed guardian options lower/upper level bounds [!] Fixed Personal store CoinType option [!] Fixed FormulaData for 4th Gun Crusher wings [!] Fixed inability to run game client on certain PCs [!] Fixed lang files load issue in certain environments [!] Fixed gens info lost after move [!] Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings config [!] Fixed 3rd/4th master skills of Defense increase while equipping 3rd/4th wings not working properly [!] Fixed certain scenario of Personal Store invalid jewels price inserted to Gremory Case after sale [!] Fixed selection of Friends System / Mail issues [!] Extended LastManStanding Event config by MinLevel/MaxLevel [!] Fixed inability to complete quest in certain scenarios [!] Fixed inability to use Hero and Premium muuns at a time [!] Fixed assign helper party move abuse by PK [!] Extended config structure of Regen after Die zone by TargetMapNumber [!] Fixed Gens contribution save for selection of cases [!] Fixed inability to equip Decoration rings together with transformation rings [!] Fixed UTF-8 based languages not displaying text properly in game client [!] Fixed Game Server crash [+] Added test game client DLL for purpose of Static Item Options display, see notes below [!] Fixed not working defense bonus as benefit of mastery ancient set [!] Fixed Game Server random crashes


[Server In-Game Updates]
- Wings level 4 Mix change options to PVP with max % dmg/dd etc Applied
- Custom jewels in Moss Merchant (Elbeland) Applied
- Grand Reset changes (all skills will be saved after GR from now on) Applied
(Already In Progress) will be applied during this week with notice update 
- PVP Balancing
- New items with Exc / Ancient options
- New events / event drops
- Earring Updates (option updates for upgrades)
- website information page with all server infos
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