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Weekly Maintenance Updates [08.03.21]

Weekly Maintenance Updates (08.03.21)

* Main Server Files Updates [] (In Depth Details)

- x Shop Updated (Seed-Sphere Prices) + Talisman Chaos of Assembly + Talisman of Luck In WCoin-> Other Tab)

- Devil Square 6/7 Golden Mobs replaced with Elite Monsters + Ferea event Boss reward Errtels drop (+10)

- Bonus Daily Event Exp/Drop increased of 5% rates + Gambling Lottery Rare Items Updated (Exc Option Rates & Items Level: +9 to +11)

- Skeleton King Invasion Schedule Increased (hourly)

- Decreased Golden Erohim/Hell Maine Jewel Drop Reward from 16 to 5

- Added Jewel of Chaos in box+1/2/3 along with Jewel of Soul rewards

- Modified Max Options for rare Rings/Necklaces from Bosses to (Exc:2 / Opt: 4)


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