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Weekly Maintenance Updates [05.04.21]

Maintenance 05.04.21 & Server Updates



Cost: 1,000,000,000 Zen
Reward: 10000 Ruud & WCoins
Bonus Points: 10000
Minimum Resets required: 100
Minimum Level required: 1,200
After Grand Reset your stats go back to 25 25 25 25 (default)
All skills will be cleared normal / master and skill points as well
Grand Reset Link:
Please Remove all Equipped Items (in order to do Grand Reset) Report any issues at #support-area
Statistics added to the Website Rankings as well.
Developer's Updates [!] Fixed Game Server Random crash [+] Added test game client DLL for purpose of Static Item Options display, see notes below [!] Fixed not working defense bonus as benefit of mastery ancient set In Depth Developer's Details:


Wings Lvl 4 Mix (Fixed rate 100%)
Mysterious Stone (Fixed rate 100%)
Pentagrams Mix rate r4-r5 (Fixed rate 100%)

(In Progress (05.04-10.04)

- PVP Balancing - New items with Exc / Ancient options
New in shop (05.04 - 10.04) -
x Cash Shop (Added All Archangel AA Exc Weapons)
- Wings of Power to add in Ruudshop
- Added Jewel of Chaos (x15) bundle in x Shop (WCoin > Jewels)
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