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Server News & Event Updates [12.4.21]

Reset Event Winners Update and New Grand Reset Event

Congrats all the winners of the 500 Resets Event!

Grand Reset Event 
- Don't forget to join this Grand Reset Event. First 5 Players with 50 Grand Resets get rewarded:
- 1 New Character (in a new account) (different class than current) and more..

Rewarded with:
Fresh (new) game character with (32k stats/all skills/max level)
Level 4 Wings, Golden Fenrir, WCoin (10k) GoblinPoints (5k)

With the addition of /reset command in-game you can now achieve those resets and make a Grand Reset faster and have chance to win.

If you reached the Grand Resets goal of (50 Grand Resets) [Only 1 Account per IP/Computer/User]
please be patient, you can freely reach us and we will contact and communicate with you 
directly and reward you at the end of the 5 Announced Winning Players 

(only the first top 5 players from the website get rewarded)

more information and support at our Discord

Best regards,
MuG4L Staff