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MuG4L Grand Opening Announced!

Grand Opening : 1 FEBRUARY 2021

01.02.2021 (1st February 2021) 16:00 / 4:00 PM (GMT+1 / CET)
All Characters who played and still play and created in game from 25th January till 31th we will have private beta with our team finalizing the server for you, if you are interested to join that too, please private message me directly in here on Discord. All tester players will be rewarded with WCoin,Zen and some Ruud for helping us, if your player has no levelup and no progress in game or no characters in account, everything will be deleted from that account but you can still login and start over.

20.01.21 - 24.01.21 (Sugguestions/Feedback period)
please post inside #game-feedback of what you think was good,bad and what can be improved and inside #bug-reports if you remember any bugs that we haven't noticed from the current season yet or any issues slowing down your gaming progress experience.

25.01.21 (New Website Launch)
- Simple featured MuOnline website integrated on our Official Gamers4Life Portal Website with all required in-game features.
* All accounts created at will have 'Game Accounts' which must be created after you select which game you want to register an account with, i.e RoM or Mu and create your account, after your creation use valid email and activate it so you can proceed and use all the account panel features like Reset characters, Stats, Skills and Rankings / News lists of all necessary information and Credits panel with Wcoin/Tokens for using the website features on our website and in game x Cash Shop at the same time.

Thank you for your patience and all the support, our final news and configs will be also announced during 24th and 31th January.
Feel free to leave any questions inside our #general-chat till then,
MuG4L Staff