Mu Online - G4L

MMORPG, Action, Adventure

Release date: 01.02.2021

Welcome to MuG4L Season XVII

We present to you our MuOnline latest Season Server S16, fully long term sustainable and Play2Win!


Current Season: Season 16
Current version: Part 1-3
Maximum Level: 1300
Minimum Reset Level: 1200
Maximum Reset Level: 1300
Jewel of Bless in Lorencia Shop (No Bless Bug)

Play 2 Win Concept

- Jewels drop market Balanced System
- Excellent Item drop Balanced system
- Full PvP and PvM Balanced System
- Active Gaming Network Server with supportive community
- Ruud / WCoin / Goblin Points / Zen Reward from Events/Monsters/Quests

Boss Timers

Erohim Boss (Every 12 hours after Kill)
Selupan Boss (Every 6 hours after Kill)
Lord of Ferea Boss (Every 5 hours after Kill)
Knicks (Nix) Boss (Every 12 hours after Kill)
Lord Silvester Boss (Every 5 hours after Kill)
Core Magriffy Boss (Every 12 hours after Kill)
Kundun Kalima 7 Boss (Every 6 hours after Kill)
God of Darkness Boss (Every 6 hours after Kill)

Base Rates

EXP-Rate: x8000
ML+MJ EXP-Rate: x8000
Drop-Rate: x70
VIP EXP: x9000
VIP ML Exp: x9000
VIP Drop: 80%

Reward Systems

Reset System: Each 1 Reset you get 50 WCoins
Grand Reset Reward System with Special Player Rewards
Vote System: Each vote gives you 5 Token Credits which you can convert to WCoins

Game Rankings

Events Timer

Castle Siege

Castle Owner
Guild Master
Next Battle In