Runes of Magic - Classic

MMORPG, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Release date: 01.12.2015

Welcome to Gamers4Life Classic

Looking for that "Back in the day" feeling? Want to relive the Glory Days? Classic is your choice. The best in balanced content and old-times feel!


Current stats of Classic (as of May 22, 2021)
Current Festival : Music Festival
Current Content: Chapter IV: The Lands of Despair
Current version:
Current End Zone: Redhill Mountains
Current End Game Instance: Sardo + Grafu Castle
Current levelcap: 67

Hybrid Play2Win Concept

Trading Mementos -> Diamonds UNLIMITED
Trading Diamonds -> Mementos UNLIMITED
Ability to Exchange G4L Tokens for Diamonds


XP-Rate: x2
TP-Rate: x2
Drop-Rate: x1
Gold: x1

Diamond Bonus

Diamond bonus: Part 1: 2000 diamonds, lvl 50, undisclosed playtime.
Diamond bonus: Part 2: 8000 diamonds, lvl cap, higher undisclosed playtime.

Game Rankings

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