Runes of Magic - Alpha

MMORPG, Fantasy, Action, Adventure

Release date: 01.12.2015

Welcome to Gamers4Life Alpha

the FUN RoM Server! Fully based on a Pure Play2Win Concept, this game will have you playing for fun, and free!


Current stats of Alpha (as of May 24, 2021)
Current Festival: Music Festival
Current version: 64bit
Current End Zone: Kashaylan
Current End Game Instance: Veiled Crypt of Kashaylan / Hall of Water
Current levelcap: 92

Play 2 Win Concept

- Special dungeons drop diamonds.
- 50/50 lottery on most dungeons < Level 75 (%50 chance to drop diamonds) instead of mems.

Base Rates

XP-Rate: x3
TP-Rate: x5
Drop-Rate: x10
Gold: x2

Diamond Bonus

Diamond bonus: Part 1: 3000 diamonds, lvl 55, undisclosed playtime
Diamond bonus: Part 2: 27000 diamonds, lvl cap, higher undisclosed playtime.

Game Rankings

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