• Option 1: Download the self-extracting .exe below and follow the instructions
  • Option 2:
    • Download all the 7 files into one folder
    • Right-Click on the .z001 file and extract it
      • with WinRar: Extract Here
      • with 7-Zip: 7-Zip -> Extract Here
  • You will find the game folder called “RoMClient0.0.0.0” in the corresponding directory
  • For both options, its about 11GB, so plan a bit of time, depending on your internet connection
  • From now on, you can just as usual start your client
  • Info: There is a starting bonus in effect on this server. Once you have levelled to 55 you will be able to obtain your starting bonus of 30,000 dias. Contact any active GM, or Frostedheart, for assistance.
  • Please note: Only one startup bonus per player is permitted. Any accounts found to be in violation of this policy will be permanently banned.

Happy playing! 🙂

Download Self-Extracting .exe
Download Part 1
Download Part 2
Download Part 3
Download Part 4
Download Part 5
Download Part 6
Download Part 7