G4L Network

Our Story

Gamers4life.ca went live Dec 7 2018. Initially, G4L consisted of a few close friends and family, 1 gameserver hosted at home on a business fiber line, no staff and a playerbase of about 10 people total . Gamers4life has been expanded a number of times for the purpose of additional game capacity. Currently, G4L operates 4 servers in 3 games with thousands of registered accounts and hundreds of concurrent users across the network.

Our Mission

Gamers4life would like to become a top worldwide publisher of a wide variety of Games and Game servers. We would like to expand into multiple genres, to attract a diverse playerbase where there will be something for everyone.

Why join G4L Network?

If our rave-reviews don't immediately get your attention, then perhaps our courteous service, prompt support will. The G4L discord community is second to none. Everybody is happy, helpful, and friendly. Servers are kept in good maintenance, upgraded as needed, with low latency and high uptimes.